Mr. Ilkka Aaltio (D.Sc. (Tech.)) has been appointed as Managing director of Green Net Finland.

Aaltio will start in the position in 1 January 2019. The current managing director Suvi Häkämies will leave Green Net Finland on 30 November and head into new challenges.

From January onwards Ilkka can be reached at and by phone +358 50 5513633.

GNF also got a new board and a chairman, appointed on its official autumn meeting on 22 November. The new chairman of the board is Mr. Seppo Heinänen from AX Suunnittelu.

The board for 2019 (starting from January 1 2019 is):

  • Chairman: Seppo Heinänen, AX Suunnittelu
  • Vice chairman: Mira Jarkko, City of Helsinki
  • Markku Makkonen, Fourdeg Oy
  • Eeva Hämeenoja, Finnish Environmental School Sykli
  • Kimmo Viljamaa, City of Vantaa
  • Maria Kuula, HSY
  • Mari Levirinne-Kara, SRV Oy
  • Lauri Kuukasjärvi, Uusimaa Regional Council