Dust Shelter Finland Oy

Dust Shelter Finland Oy Building industry, sheltering solutions for construction sites. Unique sheltering solution for construction sites. Patented and [...]


Netlet www.netlet.fi/

Premis Oy

Premis Oy www.premis.fi/


CoReorient http://coreorient.com/

Lumine Lighting Solutions Oy

 Lumine Lighting Solutions Oy Smart street lighting Lumine eliminates the illumination of empty streets while still guaranteeing pleasant lighting [...]

Fourdeg Ltd

 Fourdeg Ltd Fourdeg is a Cleantech company specializing on improving the quality and efficiency of heating inside buildings as [...]

AAVI Technologies Ltd.

 AAVI Technologies Ltd. Aavi Technologies - Innovative Air Cleaning Method. AAVI® technology secures safe and healthy air removing [...]

Energiakonsultit Insto Oy

 Energiakonsultit Insto Oy Consulting Energy and indoor air quality consulting http://energiakonsultit.fi/

Eneron Oy

Eneron Oy Energy management and energy efficiency services. EnerOnline™ SaaS services for energy and facility management, consulting services for [...]

Gaia Group Oy

 Gaia Group Oy Consultancy for Sustainable business, Management Consulting. Gaia Consulting Oy is a consultancy for sustainable business. We [...]

Geological Survey of Finland

 Geological Survey of Finland GTK in brief The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is a leading European competence centre [...]

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

 Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce Chamber of commerce The Chamber of Commerce promotes the success of companies in [...]

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY

 Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is a municipal body, which produces waste [...]

Häme University of Applied Sciences

 Häme University of Applied Sciences University of Applied Sciences www.http://www.hamk.fi/english/

Finnish Meteorological Institute

 Finnish Meteorological Institute The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is a research and service agency under the Ministry of Transport [...]

AX-LVI Consulting Ltd / AX-Consulting

 AX-LVI Consulting Ltd / AX-Consulting Comprehensive Expertise in Design and Consulting. AX-Consulting is a technical design and consulting office. [...]

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

 Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Higher education Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied [...]

Hydrocell Oy

 Hydrocell Oy Energy and fuel-cell technology Hydrocell is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality energy and fuel-cell technology [...]

Posintra Oy

 Posintra Oy Development company Posintra is a development company owned by the business life and municipalities, and its purpose [...]



 SRV Construction SRV provides the best frameworks for people to live and businesses to operate. As a developer and [...]

Finnish Environment Institute

 Finnish Environment Institute SYKE forms part of Finland's national environmental administration. Finnish Environment Institute SYKE is both a research [...]

SYKLI Environmental School of Finland

 SYKLI Environmental School of Finland Education SYKLI Environmental School of Finland is a national specialist vocational college. Our mission [...]

Turku Science Park

 Turku Science Park The mission of Turku Science Park Ltd is linked to the well-being of enterprises. Innovative, [...]

Helsinki Uusimaa Regional Council

 Helsinki Uusimaa Regional Council Regional Council Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is a joint regional authority for the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region. It [...]

Vantaan Energia

 Vantaan Energia Energy utility Vantaa Energy is one of Finland’s largest city energy companies. We produce and sell electricity [...]

City of Vantaa

 City of Vantaa Municipality http://www.vantaa.fi/front_page

City of Helsinki

 City of Helsinki http://www.hel.fi/www/helsinki/en