Our office is located in Vallila, Helsinki in GE-building.


ILKKA AALTIOManaging director, tel. +358 50 551 3633
Mr. Ilkka Aaltio is a Doctor of Science in technology who has international expertise of environmentally friendly and smart technologies and in particular materials science and engineering. He has worked many years both at the academia and at tech companies. Before starting at GNF in January 2019 he has worked, e.g., at Research support services of Aalto University (Finland) where he has gained experience with also EU-funded research projects, coordinating and reporting.
KAISA VEHKALAHTIAdministrative manager, tel. +358 50 524 3485
Kaisa Vehkalahti has been working in Green Net Finland since 2009 as Administrative manager taking care of administration of the organisation as well as the development projects. She is also participating in project preparation phase as well as giving expert input in the development projects. Kaisa is M.Sc. (Environmental economics) from Helsinki University.

Kaisa has a strong knowledge in administration of various funding instruments (i.e. ERDP, EU INTERREG, Tekes, Norden). She has wide experience in administrative coordination of various large development projects, both nationally and internationally.

EVILINA LUTFIProject manager, Business development director, Russia, tel. +358 50 436 2661
Evilina Lutfi has been working in Green Net Finland since 2006 being responsible of project development and implementing projects related to environmental management and energy efficiency. She is a M.Sc. (Tech.) from St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University), Russia (1996) and Bachelor in Science from EVTEK University Of Applied Sciences, Finland (2006).

In her work in Green Net Finland Evilina has gained a strong knowledge in managing various international, European, Nordic and Finnish national development projects related to cleantech in general and energy efficiency. She has strong knowledge in European project funding programmes.

Evilina’s interests are in cleantech business development, environmental monitoring and energy efficiency of built environment.

Evilina is also responsible of relations between Green Net Finland and Russian organisations. She is the official representative in Finland of St.Petersburg Cleantech cluster and also a member of the Board of directors of it.