Webinar: RGIS and cadastral system for real estate and land plots | August 27th | Part 1 of Cata3Pult webinar series on St. Petersburg market understanding

Cata3Pult project - Finnish Russian PPP catalyzing new green business – arranges a series of webinars on St. Petersburg market understanding. In the webinars the key findings of the Market Watch (vol. 3.0) – St. Petersburg region (Russia) urban cleantech sector -report will be presented and discussed. The Geographic Information System of St. Petersburg [...]

Webinar: STARTING EXPORTS TO ASIA – Cleantech in China

ASIA-CLEAN project arranges a webinar “STARTING EXPORTS TO ASIA - Cleantech in China” 19th of August 13:00 Helsinki (+3:00 GMT). In the webinar CEO Tero Tulokas from Oilon Group will tell about success factors of exporting efforts in China and Business Advisor Nikke Vainikka from Business Vantaa will talk about repatriation of funds. The [...]

Finnish Co2mmunity RENCOP online meeting on 12.6.2020 – development stories and the way forward

We had presentations on development stories of the four different regional RENCOPs established and managed in Co2mmunity project. Also, future-oriented discussions blossomed, and agreements were achieved. A draft of the Co2mmunity RENCOP ROADMAP was presented.   The detailed programme of the meeting is presented in Figure below: 13 experts representing 11 organisations participated [...]

Full house in Malaysia – still room in China

ASIA-CLEAN project (‘ASIA-CLEAN – access & success in Northeastern Asia cleantech markets’) boosts new exports of cleantech and environmental technology products and services from Finland and Estonia to North and East China and Malaysia. Have you considered exporting your product, service, or solution within cleantech, environmental or health technology sector to Chinese market? Are [...]

GNF published “Market Watch (vol. 3.0) – St. Petersburg region (Russia) urban cleantech sector” on 29.5.2020

Publication is a part of project ”Finnish Russian Public Private Partnership catalyzing new green business – (Cata3Pult)” Link to the publication Knowledge and ideas for content are partly collected via active communication and networking (see photo collage below).   Possible questions or comments are welcomed: Evilina Lutfi

Recent progress in ASIA-CLEAN project

Despite the circumstances we are going through today there has been progress in ASIA-CLEAN project and future steps will be taken promptly. Entering the Malaysian market We travelled from February 7 to February 17 in Kuala Lumpur. A total of 17 different meetings took place during the week and we established very good contacts [...]

Renewable Community Energy discussed in meeting of Co2mmunity Helsinki-Uusimaa RENCOP on 3.3.2020

Co2mmunity project’s  Helsinki-Uusimaa RENCOP expert group had it’s 5th  face-to-face meeting in Helsinki on 3 March 2020. Participants of the meeting are experts representing: Green Net Finland, the City of Helsinki, Uusimaa Regional Council, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and University of Helsinki. We have 5 points of discussions this time: Overview of activities [...]

Meeting in Metropolia UAS on 3.12.2019 – on agenda Fi-Ru student innovation projects and carbon foot print calculators

Cata3Pult Meeting in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Myyrmäki campus in Vantaa on 3.12.2019.   Agenda: Student innovation projects  Presentation of Metropolia UAS on ideas of topics for Cata3Pult Innovation projects, Esa Toukoniity Presentation of ITMO University on interests toward collaboration between ITMO and Metropolia, Olga Sergienko Discussions and preliminary conclusions on collaboration under [...]

Renewable Community Energy discussed in meeting of Co2mmunity Helsinki-Uusimaa RENCOP on 27.11.2019

Co2mmunity project’s  Helsinki-Uusimaa RENCOP expert group had it’s 4th  face-to-face meeting in Helsinki on 27 November 2019. In the meeting, a group of 12 experts discussed: Content for the draft of the Policy Paper for the Political Meeting in Tallinn in March 2020 Current challenges in Finland from the Policy Perspective of Renewable Community [...]

Cata3Pult work on Clean-/Green-tech Glossary – Ru-Fi-Eng Communication Support Tool

Cata3Pult – Finnish-Russian Public Private Partnership catalyzing new green business The project aims to organize long-term cooperation between the authorities, businesses and the educational sector of St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Lappeenranta regions on practical business-oriented activities for reducing the environmental impact, including Co2 emissions in the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Region. As a part of the Cata3Pult [...]