Monthly Archives: October 2019

Cata3Pult work on Clean-/Green-tech Glossary – Ru-Fi-Eng Communication Support Tool

Cata3Pult – Finnish-Russian Public Private Partnership catalyzing new green business The project aims to organize long-term cooperation between the authorities, businesses and the educational sector of St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Lappeenranta regions on practical business-oriented activities for reducing the environmental impact, including Co2 emissions in the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Region. As a part of the Cata3Pult [...]

GNF among the speakers for the 5th time on Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia on 29.10.2019

This year the Forum is organized for the 18th time and Green Net Finland is among speakers for the 5th time. In October 2014 the International Consortium "St. Petersburg cleantech cluster for urban environment" was established. So, this year is 5th anniversary of the Consortium, 5th time of GNF's participation into the Forum and a second rotation [...]

Circular Economy on agenda – meeting of Sitra, Green Net Finland and St.Petersburg cleantech cluster for urban environment in St.Petersburg on 25.10.2019

Upcoming meeting of Circular Economy team of The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and International Consortium "St.Petersburg cleantech cluster for urban environment" on 25 October 2019. Objective of the meeting is get to know each other and share experiences and ideas on Circular Economy. Green Net Finland (GNF) and St.Petersburg House Property Owners Association (HPOA) are [...]