Green transition, especially energy transition and war in Ukraine fastens the need for substituting fossil fuels as a source of heat energy in some district heating areas in Finland. Block the climate change (BLOCKCC) focuses on capacity building in the sector of sustainable heating in “block level” developing processes for joint development projects and increasing knowledge on state-of-the-art optimization of energy use in the area of district heating network.

BLOCKCC gathers different parties of heating system for market dialogue and creates a concept for local block-level energy projects coordination system where housing co-operatives, construction companies, heat producers and service providers can jointly optimize the heating system in a cost effective way.

BLOCKCC also studies possibilities to find sustainable financial instruments for renewable energy and energy saving projects so that energy poverty would increase.

BLOCKCC project parners: Green Net Finland (Lead partner), Metropolia UAS, Aalto University

Project is partially funded by the European Union ERDF.

Project duration: 1.1.2023-30.6.2025

Project budget: 460 000€