Our thematic focus is urban cleantech. We are implementing development projects creating smart and low-carbon urban environment. 

Smart living, construction and urban structure
Smart transportation and logistics
Smart circular economy

Focus areas in detail

Smart living, construction and urban structure

  • Energy efficiency, smart energy consumption
  • Distributed renewable energy generation, smart grids
  • IT & IoT in energy networks
  • Nearly zero energy buildings
  • Smart district heating and cooling
  • Processes and procurement supporting implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • New value chains and business models

Smart transportation and logistics

  • E-mobility
  • Innovations reducing the need to travel
  • Mobility as a service
  • New service and business models supporting low-carbon transportation
  • Other innovations

Smart Circular Economy

  • New operational and business models supporting circular economy
  • Circular economy in the built environment (in living and in waste handling)
  • Circular economy in building refurbishment and demolition
  • Circular economy in construction
  • Other solutions supporting circular economy in the urban environment