GreenTech 2.0-project

Project objectives

In addition to Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland are involved in the project.

The three main tasks of the project are

-Develop the quality of managing the networks of project partners

-Develop new services for network members

-Organize exchange visits for organizations outside the networks.

The purpose of the study visits is to develop and innovate new opportunities for participating organizations. Visitors can be representatives of a wide range of organizations, including SMEs, training organizations, RDI organizations and public organizations. Visits will take place in spring-summer 2022 and in 2023.

The project will end in January 2024.

A flat-rate allowance is reserved for participants, covering travel and accommodation costs. Visits must be at least three days long.

The visit program is tailored to the needs and interests of the entrants.

The main language of the visits is English.

With the help of the project, you can get to know interesting organizations with the help of project actors and get useful contacts for your own activities from the project’s target areas.

For more information and project news, visit project website here

The role of Green Net Finland

GNF is responsible for the ClusterXchange program component (WP3). This is an important part of the project, which aims to carry out a significant number of international co-operation visits between partner regions in two different phases. In addition to Finland, the regions are Sweden, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania. We are looking for both outgoing and host organizations in the project. The project offers an excellent opportunity to network between Cleantech organizations. If you are interested in the project, please contact Green Net Finland (Ilkka Aaltio), contact information can be found here

Project consortium

The project is led by Tallinn Tehnopol Science Park (EST), in addition to partners Green Net Finland (FIN), Dalarna Science Park (SE), Kaunas Technoogy and Science Park (LT) and Poznan Science and Technology Park (PL)

Project duration, size and funding

The duration of the project is 02/2022 – 01/2024. The total funding budget is EUR 654 144, GNF’s share of the total budget is EUR 132 878. The project is supported by the EU’s COSME-Europe’s program for small and medium-sized enterprises