Uusimaa Co2mmunity expert RENCOP had the second face-to-face meeting in Helsinki on 21 November 2018. In the meeting, a group of 14 experts had discussions on how to help citizens in Finland to make decisions on establishment of community energy projects and how to help them to make investments into renewable energy production feasible.  Study cases from Helsinki in Estonia was presented in the meeting.

This second meeting of Uusimaa RENCOP was attended by 9 new members. Now the RENCOP consists 25 people representing 23 different relevant organisations/departments from the target groups of the Co2mmunity-project – potential end-users or owners of community energy projects, service and technology providers on renewable energy and/or community energy, representatives of local, regional and national public authority with power, ability and interest to positively contribute into realization of community energy projects.

The majority of Uusimaa RENCOP are representatives from non-commercial interest groups and service and technology providers of renewable energy. Green Net Finland coordinates the Uusimaa RENCOP. The second meeting involved discussions on how each participant relates themselves within the topic of Urban Solar Community Energy Projects. The participants talked on how their expertise and visions can help in realization new and more generical renewable community energy projects and how we can together support citizens. Also the interest in constituting of non-formal RENCOP was discussed.

The next face-to-face meeting of the Uusimaa RENCOP is planned for February 2019.