ASIA-CLEAN project (‘ASIA-CLEAN – access & success in Northeastern Asia cleantech markets’) boosts new exports of cleantech and environmental technology products and services from Finland and Estonia to North and East China and Malaysia.

Have you considered exporting your product, service, or solution within cleantech, environmental or health technology sector to Chinese market?

Are you interested in individual expert coaching on finding the right path and the right contacts?

Do you want to join the forces with other companies with similar exporting plans and work together to offer a compelling solution to the Asian market?

If YES, please, continue reading:

This spring we have hired high level experts with practical business and cultural experience on operating in Asian market.

Despite the current situation we have been able to promote the Estonian and Finnish companies to Asian market. In fact, the Malaysian pool of companies is full.

Expert services are still available for companies seeking business in China.

Communication in China is something else than in Europe, and not only in language. For example, the WeChat is indispensable if a company wants to sell something in China. If you don’t have a Chinese bank account, you cannot register in WeChat. In ASIA-CLEAN we have a local expert who can provide services in promoting your proposal there. (You cannot bump into one around every corner…)

You cannot find potential customers sitting at your office in Finland or Estonia. For finding customers, local feet, hands, and brains are needed. And we have such kind of resources in China. And because we believe the current situation does not continue forever, we also coach companies for presenting their services/products onsite.

Meanwhile, we arrange coaching and B2B matchmaking events in Finland and Estonia (or online).

These tailor-made expert services provided by ASIA-CLEAN are valuable and support businesses, thus the de minimis rule applies.

Conclusion: The benefits of the expert services are multiple compared to the effort of participating.

So, use this unique chance and contact:

Project Leader Ilkka Aaltio, ASIA-CLEAN / Green Net Finland, +358 50 551 3633


ASIA-CLEAN project is funded by Central Baltic program of the European Union.