Upcoming meeting of Circular Economy team of The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and International Consortium “St.Petersburg cleantech cluster for urban environment” on 25 October 2019. Objective of the meeting is get to know each other and share experiences and ideas on Circular Economy. Green Net Finland (GNF) and St.Petersburg House Property Owners Association (HPOA) are organizing the meeting, which will be kept in premises of St.Petersburg Technopark.

GNF is establishing member of the Consortium and holding a role of Chairman of the Board of Directors until April 2020. HPOA is also establishing member and holding a role of management organisation of the Consortium. The Consortium is operated without forming of legal entity and based on open membership. Cleantech and sustainable development are subjects of operation of the Consortium.

Ongoing Cata3Pult project and Circular Economy expert group within the Cata3Pult will be suggested as one of the possible practical tools for implementation of possible collaboration.