Signing of the Letter of Intent (LoI) was implemented on the Meeting of Cata3Pult and BBC1 project teams in St.Petersburg chamber of commerce (SPb CC) on 16 September 2019

  • Cata3Pult – Finnish Russian Public Private Partnership catalyising new green business
  • BBC1 – Business in Bioenergy and Circular Economy

The Cata3Pult project aims to organize long-term cooperation between the authorities, business and the educational sector of St. Petersburg, the Helsinki and Lappeenranta regions on practical business-oriented activities aimed at reducing the environmental load and carbon dioxide emissions in the South-East Cross-border Cooperation Program Region “Eastern Finland-Russia 2014-2020”.

As part of the Cata3Pult project, it is planned to organize the work of the Finnish-St. Petersburg expert groups in the following environmental areas:

1. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by the private housing stock of St. Petersburg by reducing the consumption of natural resources for lighting and heating, as well as improving the efficiency of solid waste management.

2. Reducing the environmental load from transport both in St. Petersburg and in Southeast Finland.

3. Reducing the consumption of primary natural materials by putting into practice the principles of a Circular Economy.

The Lead partner of Cata3Pult is City of Lappeenranta. Partners: Green Net Finland, Metropolia University of Applied Science, LtD «KOSMOS», Noncommercial Partnership «The St. Petersburg House Property Owners Association».

The BBC1 Project aims to develop cooperation in the implementation of biotechnological processes and the realization of the benefits of a closed-loop economy, rational environmental management and environmental education, which corresponds to the Strategy for Economic and Social Development of St. Petersburg for the period until 2030.

The Leader partner of BBC1 Project is Development company of City of Mikkeli Miksei Ltd Oy. Partners: Southeastern University of Applied Sciences (XAMK), the Association of Ecological Partnerships (NP “AsEP”) and St. Petersburg University “ITMO”.

Subject of Intent

The participants of the project teams of the above-mentioned projects have confirmed their intentions to take part, as far as possible, in the events held within the framework of the above-described Cata3Pult and BBC1 projects, in order to join efforts to achieve the planned results of each project within the Cross-border Cooperation Program. Participants also intend to exchange information and knowledge on the topic of the Circular Economy, which is common to the both projects.