Green Net Finland is a partner in two project consortiums winning funding from the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme. The programme’s Monitoring Committee met in Helsinki on 23-24 May 2017 to select project applications that will receive funding. As many as 39 projects were chosen in the thematic fields of capacity for innovation, management of natural resources and sustainable transport.

First approved project “Co2mmunity” aims at creating new renewable energy cooperative partnerships (RENCOP), that initiate and support Communal energy projects. Co2mmunity will foster renewable energy deployment in the Baltic Sea Region through improving renewable energy acceptance and development conditions via communal energy models. Co2mmunity will promote democratic and participatory processes in the energy sector and further the transnational co-operation of stakeholders representing all BSR governance levels.

In addition to Green Net Finland, the partners from Finland are Aalto university, Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia and Thermopolis. In Uusimaa region the focus will be mainly in solar electricity.

Second approved project “BSR Electric” aims at enhancing the utilization of e-mobility in urban transport systems of various types of urban e-mobility such as city logistics, e-bikes, e-buses, e-scooters and e-ferries.

Finnish partners are Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY together with Green Net Finland. The focus in Uusimaa region is to enhance the utilization of e-bikes in the region.

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Suvi Häkämies, Managing director, Green Net Finland