Business oriented offerings of Finnish cleantech clusters Green Net Finland and Finnish Water Forum will be presented in St.Petersburg on 22 March 2018.


Two biggest events of ecology and environmental matters in the North-West Russia – International Forum Ecology of Big City and Baltic Sea Days have been combined into one massive event in 2018. The event is organised in the convention and exhibition centre EXPOFORUM (64/1 Peterburgskoye ave., St. Petersburg, Russia). Green Net Finland and Finnish Water Forum will participate into dialog with local Russian authorities and other environmental and natural resource management actors on cross-sectoral and international practical collaboration related to ecological and cleantech issues. The newly established meta-cluster BALTIC CLEANTECH ALLIANCE (or “cluster of clusters” consisting from 4 cleantech clusters of Baltic Sea Region: Green Net Finland, Finnish Water Forum, Cleantech Latvia and St.Petersburg cleantech cluster for urban environment ) will represent Finnish and Latvian businesses, research and education organizations.

The core message from the Finnish side can be summarized as highlighting the importance of the adoption of green mindset, personal growth and development, consensus, seeking of understanding of each other, respecting of different opinions and real collaboration.

The particular focus of the dialog on the round table on 22 March (place: Pavillion H, EXPOFORUM, 14:30-18:30) is to share knowledge and experience of cross-boarder and cross-cluster collaboration in green economy.