Five projects of the South-East Finland-Russia cross-border collaboration programme (Cata3Pult, BBC1, Cool4City, LALAPETE and CroBoDDit) formed unformal collaboration & communication group

Kick-off meeting of the group was held on 18.3. The main objective of this group is information exchange and collaboration on events, publications and visibility & communication activities. An idea behind this group is that we all have Waste Management and transition toward Circular Economy in focus and we are approaching the same target groups. So, we see it natural and efficient to have such cross projects communication. 

We will collect outputs from discussions on our meetings into a newsletter.

Next week on 23.-25.3 is a reach of interesting ecology- and environment-related events in St. Petersburg

Projects from the South-East Finland-Russia cross-border collaboration programme will have active participation in the two main events:

Ecology of Big City (registration link , form in Russian)


Baltic Sea Days (registration link). 

Programme of the Baltic Sea Days (in English)

Programme of the Ecology of Big City+Baltic Sea Days (in English)

The projects BBC1 and Cata3Pult are present at the EXPOFORUM with a stand D1.4 in Paviljon F

Warmly welcome to visit our stand!


In this newsletter we picked-up parts of the event with the participation of partners from the projects:

23.3 (10.00 – 12.00, in Russian only)

Joint Session of the Standing Committee on Ecology and Nature Management of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly and Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg Private function, Moderator Borys Krylov, St. Petersburg Association for Ecological Partnership” – AsEP (the association is partner in BBC1 and Cool4City projects); Participate: Evgenia Koroleva, member of Environmental Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg, KOSMOS LLC (partner in Cata3Pult project) .


24.4 (14.00 – 16.00)

Seminar-webinar “Environmental Projects of the Russia-Finland Cross-Border Cooperation Program” – St. Petersburg Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety – St. Petersburg Association for Ecological Partnership (Boris Krylov)

Lead partners (and also members of formed collaboration & communication group) will present the following project:

Cata3Pult – by Terhi Jantunen, City of Lappeenranta

BBC1 – by Saija Tillgren, Miksei Mikkeli Ltd

Cool4CityMaria Kuzko, St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise “Information Analytical Center”


24.4 (14.00 – 16.00)

Plenary session of the 20th Ecology of Big City International Forum “Ecology: the Outlook”

Main organizers: St. Petersburg Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety and EF International LLC.

International consortium “St. Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for urban environment” will be presented by managing company NP “House Property Owners Association”/HPOA, Nikolai Pitirimov; HPOA is  partner in Cata3Pult project)

25.4 (15.00 – 17.00)

International roundtable discussion “Advanced international projects in the framework of cross-border cooperation programs for the period of 2021–2027” Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety


Links to Youtube streams of some sessions, webinars on 23.-25.3 will be available on Monday 22.3. Interested, please contact some of us. (List of contacts is below).


Other on-line events

24.3 and 31.3 Webinar series “Innovation Platforms Boosting Business and Education in the Frames of Circular Economy” 

The webinar series consists of four open lectures and at the same time a BioBusiness course for Xamk and Itmo students. The registration link is open on the project website: https://biocircularbusiness.com/events/save-the-dates-innovation-platforms-boosting-business-and-education-in-the-frames-of-circular-economy-webinar-series/ 


at 10.40-11.40 (EET)/ 11.40-12.40 (MSK) remotely

3rd webinar: Create Value with Circular Business Models, Jyri Arponen, Senior Lead, Sustainability Solutions, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra


at 11.00-11.30 (EET)/ 12.00-12.30 (MSK) remotely

4th webinar: How to enhance cooperation between educational organizations and companies in the frames of circular economy? – Innovative platforms in the frames of circular economy. Case example Metropolia/ Business avenue. Antti Tohka, Innovation director, Metropolia University of Applied Science

15.4.2021  Baltic Sea and Quality of Life Conference 

City of Lappeenranta is going to organize an international water management conference on 15th and 16th of April 2021. The main theme of the conference is Baltic Sea and Quality of Life and it is going to be one of the Green Leaf Award winner year events of the year 2021. During the Green Leaf year 2021 City of Lappeenranta will organize many different environmental and climate related events.

The conference is organized as a part of the ENI CBC LIP “Monrepos” project Construction of a centralized water supply and sewerage system of the Petrovsky district in Vyborg, taking into account the construction of engineering networks of the state institution “Park Monrepos”


22.4.2021 Baltic Circular Economy Forum in St. Petersburg

We started to make plans for this event. In more details in our next newsletter. 

The next newsletter expected to be published on 16.4.2021

For additional information about our collaboration & communication please contact:

Borys Krylov/ Борис Станиславович Крылов (in Russian) dgekseco@gmail.com; Association of Ecological Partnership 

Evgenia Koroleva/ Королёва Евгения Борисовна (in Russian) koroleva_e@mail.ru; KOSMOS LLC

Darya Bozyreva/ Бозырева Дарья Михайловна bozyreva@iac.spb.ru  (in Russian or English); SPb SUE “Information Analytical Center” -”IAC”

Maria Kuzko/Кузько Мария Викторовна (in Russian or English) kuzko@iac.spb.ru; SPb SUE “IAC”


Evilina Lutfi (in Finnish, English or Russian) evilina.lutfi@gnf.fi ; Green Net Finland /GNF

Terhi Jantunen (in Finnish, English or Russian) Terhi.Jantunen@lappeenranta.fi ; City of Lappeenranta 

Saija Tillgren (in Finnish, English or Russian) saija.tillgren@mikseimikkeli.fi ; MikseiMikkeli 

Susanna Nuolimaa-Fere (in Finnish or English) susanna.nuolimaa-fere@gnf.fi  ; GNF