Cata3Pult – Finnish-Russian Public Private Partnership catalyzing new green business

The project aims to organize long-term cooperation between the authorities, businesses and the educational sector of St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Lappeenranta regions on practical business-oriented activities for reducing the environmental impact, including Co2 emissions in the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Region.

As a part of the Cata3Pult project, it is planned to organize a work of the Finnish-St. Petersburg expert groups in the following environmental areas:

1. Energy and eco-efficiency of the private housing stock of St. Petersburg by reducing the consumption of natural resources for lighting and heating, as well as improving the efficiency of solid waste management (we call this group 2.3EEF)

2. Reducing the environmental load from transport both in St. Petersburg and in Southeast Finland (we call this group 2.4SML)

3. Reducing the consumption of primary natural materials by putting into practice the principles of a circular economy (we call this group2.5CE).

A terminology associated with the above topics has not yet been established in any of the three communication languages ​​of the program region – Finnish, Russian and English. Not to mention the presence of harmonization in the use of terms in business, education and public authorities’ sectors.

As an attempt to help organizations and concretise collaboration, Cata3Pult project team experts began to compile a glossary. An idea to organise the work on operational level is that if someone find difficulties to communicate during meetings, in preparing materials for publications, presentations and work on documents, the words that cause difficulties are entered into Google Sheet (we gave it a working title Cata3Pult Ru-Fi-Eng Communication Support Tool).

At this moment it looks like this:

Notice! For now, this is only the so-called “first approach” to solving the problem of misunderstanding or understanding in different way used terminology. We have intent to improve the quality and make additions during the communication process.

We will be grateful for any help in the work on the glossary!

We kindly ask interested to help to add comments directly to the Google Sheet behind the link above. Updates will be made gradually.

The first version of the glossary is published as attachment to electronic publication Market Watch (vol. 3.0) – St. Petersburg region (Russia) urban cleantech sector