Comfortable, cosy, clean and green living environment is important
element of sustainable and smart regional development in both cross-border countries as well as high quality of life and health of citizens that can be ensured only if natural systems are preserved and appropriate quality of the environment is maintained. Local public authorities are playing important role in organizing of this environment.

Citizens are playing important role in keeping living environment
in good condition.

Sustainable environment can be preserved by comprehensive approach based on both technological and social innovations. Key stakeholders and target groups – decision makers, experts’ community, SMEs, local citizens should be aware of the modern green technologies and phase out the outdated approach and technological solutions. That is why our project Cool4City will focus on the social innovations promoting this comprehensive approach.

The project will influence a wide range of target groups from public local authorities to students and children studying in cross-border region. Cool4City will try to speak the “language” of each target group developing comprehensive, colourful and simple information visual materials. The project represents full and complex approach to organising of activities both theoretical and practical aimed at practical results, development of circular economy and involvement of social entrepreneurs. All achieved results and obtained knowledge will be further implemented in both countries.

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