The BLOCKCC project develops a comprehensive way to promote
regional energy cooperation for the development of district heat
production methods, to find innovative solutions that speed up the
energy transition. Innovations are to be found in cooperation between energy producers and companies and
customers offering other energy services.

The joint development of market dialogue and modeling of the
BLOCKCC project is structured around two different types of review
❖ Residential area in Ainola, Järvenpää (new construction area)
❖ Housing company in Kisakylä in Helsinki
In accordance with the principles of cooperation, the understanding of
customers, financiers and suppliers of various thermal energy solutions
is developed regarding the options available throughout the entire life
cycle of the system.
Two stakeholder groups will be established for the project, to which
actors are invited!

BLOCKCC project partners: Green Net Finland (Lead partner), Metropolia UAS, Aalto University

Project is partially funded by the European Union ERDF.

Project duration: 1.1.2023-30.6.2025

Project budget: 460 000€