Good business starts with smooth communication


Cata3Pult project is about Finnish-Russian Public-Private-Partnership in the development of new green business. The main objective of the Cata3Pult project is to contribute to economic and environmental development, to enhance regional business competitiveness through cross-border collaboration and to catalyze green solutions development in the Programme area by attracting businesses to invest, locate and operate in the Programme area.


Cata3Pult project is operating work of the Finnish-St. Petersburg expert groups in the following environmental areas:

  1. Improving the energy and eco-efficiency of the private housing stock of St. Petersburg by reducing the consumption of natural resources for lighting and heating, and by improving the efficiency of solid waste management.
  2. Reducing the environmental load from transport both in St. Petersburg and in Southeast Finland.
  3. Reducing the consumption of primary natural materials by putting the circular economy principles into practice. 


The terminology associated with the above topics has not yet been established in any of the three program region languages. Not to mention the presence of cross-field harmonization in the use of terms in business, education, and public authorities’ sectors. In addition, for a term used in one language a direct counterpart is not necessarily found in another language. 


As an attempt to help organizations to concretize collaboration, and to gather together definitions of the terminology used in discussion about environmental and cleantech issues both in Finland and Russia, Cata3Pult project experts began to compile a glossary, since it was clear that the ‘definition management’ of the terms needed special attention. 


As an attempt to solve this challenge, GNF is coordinating the compilation of mini-glossary. It is aimed, that not only Cata3Pult project, but also other cross-border projects with energy, environmental and ecology topics will benefit from the outcome of the work. 


Why do we do this? Because any business interaction begins with communication!


The methodology of collecting the content has a practical approach and the work is conducted as follows: if some of the project team members observed difficulties with communicating in meetings, with preparing materials for publications and with working on documents, the difficult or ambiguous words/terms were entered into GoogleSheet Cata3Pult Ru-Fi-Eng Communication Support Tool. 


The mini-glossary is available online free of charge access

It has sorting options for all three languages and the possibility to comment content. 

For further alleviating misunderstandings and ambiguousness in vocabulary, we kindly ask for feedback on improvements and additions via the comment box in the GoogleSheet (link above).  

Updates will be made gradually, and the next updated version of the mini-glossary is planned to be published in June 2022.  


Contact for more information:

Evilina Lutfi, Business Development Director (Russia), Green Net Finland ry; evilina.lutfi(at); +35850 436 2661